'Pokémon Go' Latest News & Update: Niantic To Release Ingress Wearable Next Month; Tipped To Be Working On The Wearable Now!

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 21, 2016 11:56 AM EST

The "Pokémon Go" Plus is a device that can locate and catch Pokémon's in an area without using a smartphone. The "Pokémon Go" Plus device was introduced back on September and Niantic plans to bring back the device with the Nex Band that the company is said to release next week.

Nex Band Release Next Month

According to reports, the Niantic clearly wants to enhance the branding of its games and the Nex Band is the perfect way to make Niantic's name known in the world of mobile gaming. The Nex Band is a wearable wrist band use for playing "Pokémon Go" similar to "Pokémon Go" Plus wrist watch that was released in September.

The Nex Band features five touch-sensitive display with multi-color LEDs for custom notifications and has a battery lifespan for four days. In addition to games like "Pokémon Go", the Nex Band will also have a fitness tracker that allows wearers to keep track of their physical activities.

Meanwhile, the "Pokémon Go" Nex Band will come with five collective Mods including Enlightened, Niantic, Anomaly, Medal, Map Location, and Resistance. Furthermore, Niantic is still making final redesigns for the wearable watch as of now.

Niantic To Compete With Apple

It is speculated that the reason why Niantic put a hold on the "Pokémon Go" app for Apple is that Niantic wants to compete with the Cupertino-based company. It seems that Niantic will put a tough competition for Apple next year as the Nex Band features similar specifications with the Apple Watch.

As of now, Niantic is giving a smoke screen statements, but is constantly refusing to give official news whatsoever on the delay of the Nex Band. For more "Pokémon Go" news and updates stay tuned to GameNGuide!  

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