‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest News & Update: System Glitch Allows Players To Swap Shiny Pokemon Attributes

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 21, 2016 10:58 AM EST

Capturing a Shiny Pokemon with impressive abilities in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" may be a challenge for many Nintendo 3DS gamers. However, a glitch in the game's Pokemon breeding system will allow players to choose some of the offspring attributes when hatching a Shiny Pokemon.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has given gamers the chance to get a Shiny Pokemon through Pokemon breeding. A glitch in the egg hatching process can even allow players to choose the general attributes of an offspring Shiny Pokemon by swapping a parent during the breeding procedure.

Named the "Swap Breeding" process, a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gaming tip posted on Reddit identified the step-by-step procedure on how gamers can select a specific Pokemon during the breeding process. Two necessary creatures are a foreign Ditto and a Magikarp as the parent Pokemon, along with the items Destiny Knot and an Everstone.

The first step is to save the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game. The second step is to put a Magikarp, who can spawn eggs at a faster rate, and a Ditto, equipped with a Destiny Knot, in the nursery. Wait until the pair creates 30 eggs. After collecting the eggs, remove one of the Pokemon parents from the nursery and hatch all the eggs.

Players should keep track of the Pokemon creatures that are being hatched until a baby Shiny Pokemon is discovered. If all the 30 eggs contain normal Pokemon creatures, gamers should keep repeating the egg collection process until a Shiny Pokemon is hatched.

Once hatched, take note of the egg number that the Shiny Pokemon came from. If it hatched from egg number 10, remember the number and then reset the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game without saving.

After restarting the game, place Ditto equipped with the Destiny Knot in the nursey and swap out Magikarp with the desired Pokemon. Equip the Everstone to the said character so that the baby Shiny Pokemon can inherit some of its attributes. Repeat the same egg collection process where the 10th egg should contain a Shiny Pokemon with a combination of the special attributes from Ditto and the chosen Pokemon creature.

In other news, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" had a very successful launch in November with sales figures that are 8 percent higher than other "Pokemon" gaming titles, according to chart tracker NPD, as cited by Metro. Given the launch of the new "Pokemon" game, software sales for the Nintendo 3DS were also higher by 1 percent as compared to December 2014 figures.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" was released on Nov. 18 for the Nintendo 3DS. Learn more about the game in the clip below:

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