'Pokémon GO' Latest News, Updates:Niantic Changes Another Nest Migration

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 21, 2016 07:03 PM EST

Pokémon GO has been receiving more attention with its recent updates. Plus, game developer Niantic Inc. has shuffled Pokémon nests again, changing spawning points of several Pokémon.

According to Heavy, players are using "The Silph Road" to record the changes that Niantic Inc. has issued in Pokémon nests in designated areas. Such changes include, Charmander nests are now spawning points for Electabuzz, Kabuto, and Omanyte. Then Pikachu can now be found on Psyduck's former nest.

Along with the nest migrations, the new "Nearby" feature has been tweaked by Niantic Inc. through a recent update. The gameplay update was released in the United States and several parts of Europe, with other regions expected to follow soon after.

Due to this update, Niantic Inc. has officially announced that they will observe the community's feedback regarding the feature. Whatever the results, the developer will make modifications based on the feedback, reports have learned.

With that being said, the newest game feature has received mixed reviews from the app users across the globe. While some appreciate the improvements, many players are disappointed with the game's dependence on Pokestops.

In line with this, players in urban areas may find this helpful. However, those in rural areas, where Pokestops are few and far between will find it quite hard a task. Some players report that the tracker is showing a "Nearby" Pokémon in an inaccessible location. There are also times that the Pokémon "Nearby" feature does not appear in the tracker, as noted by reports.

Pokemon GO is an augmented-reality game based on the widely-successful Pokémon franchise. Available for iOS and Android OS, it allows players to catch the titular creatures in a map based on real-world locations.

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