'Mega Man' Game Release Date, News & Update: The First 6 Classis Mega Man Will Be Released In Smartphones In 2017

By Jerome , Updated Dec 23, 2016 09:59 AM EST

Make sure to free up space in your mobile phone because the first six "Mega Man" will be released in smartphones. "Mega Man" is a video game franchise that was created by Capcom. One of the best games ever to be released, the it will be again playable through smartphones in January.

"Mega Man" also known as Rockman is a robot created by Dr Light to defeat the Evil Dr Willy. The first six "Mega Man" will be composed of eight different enemies before confronting Dr Willy. "Mega Man" will gain new ability everytime he defeated one of the bosses, and that ability can be used to other enemies to defeat them.

"Mega Man" is a side scrolling game like Mario. But unlike Mario, Mega Man is more challenging and harder to play as you will need to shoot enemy, dodge enemy attack and survive until the end of the stage. If this would be in a Mobile phone, we hope that Capcom will adjust the gameplay and speed so players can cope up.

Players can use "Mega Man" in the game to walk around, shoot enemies and jumping into the obstacle. But what makes it hard is that "Mega Man" has a lot of enemies and harder bosses. If "Mega Man" will be hit by an enemy, he will even move back a little bit that can cause the death of Mega Man if he was push back to a ravine.

"Mega Man" is a successful classic games that can be played before in a Nintendo Entertainment System or NES. But in time it was also playable in Game Boy, Sega Genesis and Sega Game gear. A "Mega Man" is a great game indeed and we hope that Capcom will do some changes on the game that will make "Mega Man" one to six one of the best games in the year 2017.

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