‘Minecraft’ Console Update Adds New Status Effects, Mobs, Elytra; ‘Fallout’ Mash-Up Pack Released

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 22, 2016 10:27 AM EST

"Minecraft" console owners recently received an early Christmas treat with Mojang's latest patch update.  Console gamers can now enjoy new in-game items such new blocks, mobs, status effects and more.

Mojang released its "Minecraft" console update version 1.10 that added several new game elements and in-game items. Game developers even enhanced The End to incorporate a few interesting additions such as End Cities and End Ships, including Elytra, according to patch notes posted on the game's official website.

Described as a game changer, the Elytra is a special item that can be equipped to provide players the ability to glide from high places, according to Game Spot. Considered as a player's wings, console gamers can now soar from high ledges and glide down to ground level. Players can also control their descent by having their character look up or down.

Meanwhile, other new items that Mojang introduced through its latest console update includes new mobs such as Husk Zombie, Shulker, Skeleton Trap Horses and Stray Skeleton. New blocks such as Chorus Flower, Dragon Head, Purpur Block and more were also added, as well as Chorus Fruit, Dragon's Breath, Lingering Potion, Dark Oak boats and others.

Moreover, console gamers will receive new luck and levitation status effects. Developers also updated the game's crafting and brewing features to include firework creation and a Blaze Power slot, respectively.

A new Tutorial World was also added for console gamers to explore. Some of the new worlds include special areas for Elytra and Banners.

Apart from the early Christmas treat, Mojang also released a special "Fallout" mash-up pack for "Minecraft." The pack contains 44 skins, a post-apocalyptic map, re-skinned mobs, custom textures, a new soundtrack and more.

The new "Minecraft" mash-up pack with "Fallout" elements is already available for purchase for $5.99, while the game's latest console update was deployed on Dec. 21, Wednesday. Learn more about the console update in the clip below:

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