'Dota 2' 7.01 News & Update: Black Arachnia;Broodmother, Strongest Pusher

By Jerome , Updated Dec 23, 2016 10:01 AM EST

Black Arachnia the Broodmother is a melee agility "Dota 2". A spider that is one of the annoying heroes in "Dota 2". He is one of the great pusher in "Dota 2", and if Broodmother will not be stopped, then he can wipe towers so q

The first skill of Broodmother is Spawn Spiderlings. Like the name implies, it summons small spiders by Broodmother injecting a projectile skill to a target. Once the target is killed, it will spawn the spiders that will be the reason Broodmother is a great pusher in "Dota 2".

The second skill of Broodmother in "Dota 2" is Spin Web. Broodmother will spin a large web that will grant invisibility, a passive increase in movespeed, boost regeneration and free movement if Broodmother is inside the web. A great skill that will benefit Broodmother as he is hard to kill once inside a web.

The passive skill or third skill of Broodmother in "Dota 2" is Incapacitating Bite. Once Broodmother attacks, the venom will be injected and it will cripple enemy units. This will cause enemy units affected by Incapacitating bite to be slowed and miss it's attack.

The ultimate skill of Broodmother in "Dota 2" is Insatiable Hunger. Broodmother will increase it's attack damage and will provide vampiric attack or life steal. This skill is dangerous even if Broodmother has low health, once Insatiable Hunger is activated, it will regen it's health to full if Broodmother attacks will not be stopped.

The Hero talents added to Broodmother in "Dota 2" when in level 10, players can choose between +10 agility or 15% XP gain. And once Broodmother reach level 15, players can choose between 20% cooldown Reduction or +7 armor.

After Broodmother reach level 20 in "Dota 2," Players can choose between +300 health or +50 attack speed. Finally at level 25, +8 max webs or +200 spiderlings health.

Broodmother is realy a great pusher in "Dota 2". There's a lot of guide's that player can choose in playing Broodmother and almost all of it are for pushing. Players should be reminded that Broodmother must be stopped to prevent the team where Broodmother is lineup to win.

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