‘Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: Holiday Items Every Player Must Get

By Allan , Updated Dec 23, 2016 05:55 PM EST

“Final Fantasy XV” recently got an update with the holiday event and they’re adding new items for players to use. However, the new items in the update have a different purpose so this article is all about helping players choose which to get. So without further ado, here are the top 4 items in the holiday update and what exactly does each of it do.

Warrior’s Fanfare
Any item that offers bonus AP is always worth having and that is what the Warrior’s Fanfare do exactly. It is a sheet music scroll that gives extra AP more frequently than other items. In the game, it gets harder to score less than A so an item like this will be very useful.

Nixperience Band
The Nixperience Band in “Final Fantasy XV” is all about making sure that none of the team members get additional experience after the game has been finished. In this way, none of the party members level up and makes the game harder than it should be. This item will be very useful for players that use the game’s new mode Game+ run.

Ring of Resistance
One of the very useful items the new update includes is the Ring of Resistance. It effectively shields any friendly fire, particularly when the player decides to do an in-depth exploration of the Ascension System. This usually happens when a spell attacks the enemy with a one-hit attack as it prevents Prompto getting caught in the middle of it all.

Blitzer’s Fanfare
Now this item will make the new game mode so much easier, especially in gaining APs. It's almost like the Warrior’s Fanfare but differs in speed. It's one of the items that are only available in this Holiday event so players must take advantage of the item while its still up for grabs in “Final Fantasy XV”.

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