Bethesda Faces Raised Stakes For 'Elder Scrolls 6' With Evolution Of Technology

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 24, 2016 02:41 AM EST

Bethesda has yet to touch on “Elder Scrolls 6” as they follow their scheduled game releases. There is the buggy “Skyrim Special Edition” and “Fallout 4 VR” which the company is hinting to be a game-changer.

For “Fallout 4 VR”, the game could be a sign of things to come. The focus is obviously virtual reality technology and Bethesda promises to approach this seriously. It will not merely be for the purpose of releasing a VR version but to deliver the proper gaming experience virtual reality is supposed to.

As mentioned in a previous post, Bethesda intends to deliver a whole and meaningful experience for gamers. However, the initiative will depend as well on the future of the VR technology.

Most are aware that VR has not fully gotten of the ground with most focusing on rolling out VR versions that are somehow compromised. To deliver the ultimate VR experience, technology plays a key role – particularly in the area of graphics.

Hence, attention to detail and making sure that all bases are covered for smooth gameplay for “Fallout 4 VR” is a need. The same will hold true for “The Elder Scrolls 6”, assuming that VR technology is also in the books.

“Skyrim Special Edition” may very well be one foot towards that direction. Though the graphics are still technically the same as “The Elder Scrolls 5”, the fact is new content with improved rendering will post a big challenge to the game development team of Bethesda.

Tied up to that is the game setting. There are rumors that “The Elder Scrolls 6” could take place in the “Black Marsh”, another first which could signal the entry of the Argonian race into the limelight, Neurogadget reported.

Most got a glimpse of “Fallout 4 VR” recently and most are impressed. That said, it will be interesting how the bar is raised by the time “The Elder Scrolls 6” is ready for the reveal.

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