Grand Theft Auto Online News: The Business Update Now Available, Adds New Weapons, Clothes, and Cars

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 04, 2014 04:20 PM EST

Back alley dealings, drivebys, stepped on drugs, the sagging past your ass jeans...the gangster lifestyle just isn't for everyone. Some just have higher aspirations, opting instead for three-piece designer suits, and luxury jets. To cut right to the chases, everything you need for your Grand Theft Auto Online avatar's to achieve all the champagne wishes and caviar dreams is now at the ready, thanks to the The Business Update, which is now available to download.

A post on the Rockstar Newswire had all the details for the update, which offers three new high end cars for your chaffeur to cruise the streets: the Caddilac styled Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester coupé, and Ferrari F40-esque Grotti Turismo R. If you wanna keep a bit of low-class in your rides, the LS Customs shop has also been given new horn and wheel-smoke options.

If asphalt isn't your style, hit the skies with the Vestra jet. The new aircraft's low weight and high powered engine make this thing streak through the sky. It's also highly is highly maneuvarable, making it a great choice for stunts and racing. But all the speed and loop-de-loop goodness come with a hefty $950,000 price tag.

Vehicles are all well and good, but when you have to let a few bullets fly, there's also two new high-powered weapons available at your friendly local neighborhood gun store:

- The Heavy Pistol deals just that kind of damage, and sports a decent rate of fire, but is lower than most pistols. A default magazine of 18 is good for anyone with bad aim, but can be customized to carry as many as 36 rounds. has high damage per shot, with semi-automatic firing rate. Its damage is comparable but less than the Pistol .50 but boasts a much larger 18 round magazine with a 36 round magazine with an extended clip like the AP Pistol.

- For full auto fans, give the Special Carbine a go. It's similar to the Advanced Rifle, but boasts an improved accuracy. The downfall is it's not as damaging as the former.

The new clothing is the sort of business casual wear you'd expect, with suits, jackets, hats, etc., and two new Vehicle Deathmatches, 14 new jobs, and additions to Last Team Standing, Capture, and Survival also help keep things interesting. Just remember that when you get greased, it's not personal, just business.

Even if you're not a fan of GTA Online, you can still enjoy the Business Update's additions, as, "The new vehicles and weapons in The Business Update are also available in GTAV Story Mode. You can access all three cars from Michael, Franklin or Trevor's garage properties and the weapons will be deposited into all three characters' inventory with two full ammo-clips."

As for the new title update, the new customization options the business update brings (tattoo, clothing, hairstyles, etc.), and fixes for exploits like bringing single player games into online mode and giving nitrous boosters to boats are among the most notable changes, but Rockstar support provided the complete list, which you can check out below:

Full Change List

- Players now have the ability to highlight their own blip during Missions.
- Head to Head mode is no longer in Beta.
- Fixed issue where Leaderboard option was missing from mini-game coronas.
- Corrected a small issue where Elf Hats remained on players after the Christmas DLC.
- After timing out players are no longer returned to Single Player but will be returned to Online in a new lobby when they choose to return after being kicked.
- Matchmaking option is now available within Minigames, defaulting to 'Off'.
- Team colors are now used for "Wasted" messages.
- The option to turn off Slipstreaming in Races has been added.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to waste a vehicle boost in a Race whilst on foot.
- Rockstar Verified Jobs will now have the "R* Verified" logo over the photo within coronas.
- Enemy players' blips will now show on the mini map if they are in a player's direct line of sight.
- Removed Rockstar logo for display of Rockstar Verified jobs in the pause menu. This is to help in differentiating between Rockstar Created & Rockstar Verified.
- Passengers are no longer stuck respawning if the driver completes the Rally without them.
- Fixed an exploit where it was possible for players to repeatedly kill enemies in Missions without completing the Mission.
- Fixed an exploit where it was possible to kick another player from a session without the required amount of votes.
- Fixed an issue where it was occasionally possible for a character's face to change after applying a title update.
- Fixed an issue where a player's map blip and HUD could go missing after accepting a NPC invite while in the cinema.
- Fixed an issue where Races could be held up by lobby hosts going AFK.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to sell a vehicle immediately after purchasing it for a much higher price.
- Fixed an issue where players could be forced into strange poses when being shot when using the switch menu.
- Fixed an issue where vehicles were going missing from player's garages.
- Fixed an issue where the Pistol .50 was not being taken into account when being used for the "Pistol Whipped" award.
- Fixed an issue where blips showed incorrectly in Survivals.
- Corrected a spawning issue with Boats.
- Fixed an issue with characters overlapping when viewing hairstyles in the Hairdressers / Barbers.
- Catch-Up is now turned off in Races when only one Checkpoint remains.
- Corrected an issue where first place messages were being shown incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue where a player's vehicle was damaged when it was driven into a garage.
- Fixed an issue in the Del Perro Apartments where the buzzer does not work when another player is in the garage.
- Fixed an issue where weapons were available in normal (non-GTA) races after dying.
- Fixed several exploits where players were able to duplicate vehicles.
- Fixed an issue where players could become stuck when entering another player's garage as a passenger in that player's vehicle.
- Fixed an issue where a player could become stuck if buzzed into an apartment and immediately left.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible for players to appear in odd positions when selecting to trade a car for a bike whilst in their garage.
- Fixed an exploit where it was possible to set bounties on idle players in Deathmatches.
- Fixed an issue where horns did not play their previews fully in LS Customs.
- Fixed an issue where players could potentially be moved between garages when the owner left the game.
- Fixed an issue where players were not kicked from their apartment after buying one in the same building.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible for players in the same Crew to not be placed together.
- Added audio to allow players to know when their team / the opposing team has delivered a package.
- Height indication arrows have been enabled for players in Versus Missions and CTF.
- Fixed an issue with "Timed Out" errors when attempting to join Online from the boot Online option.
- Fixed an exploit where players were able to sell free DLC vehicles.
- Fixed an issue where custom vehicles could sometimes be used in locked UGC races.
- If a Race is locked to a Sanchez model, the player will now be able to pick both the normal and livery version of the Sanchez.
- Fixed an issue where invites to Contact Missions could read as "0 players".
- Added functionality to allow Personal Vehicle delivery for when a player is close to their garage.
- Fixed an issue where using the Quick GPS before leaving an apartment would not always select the closest location.
- The Quick GPS list now contains the Wanted Vehicle option for Simeon.
- Earrings are now removed when a player puts on a Mask.
- Fixed an issue where Lamar would play the wrong celebration animation if he wins the tutorial race.
- Fixed an issue where there would be a slight delay on some celebration animations.
- Fixed an issue where an incorrect player name would be displayed above Lamar on celebration screens.
- Fixed an issue where some celebrations would clip the camera.
- Players in the Cheater Pool will now see a release date rather than a countdown of how long they have left.
- Fixed an issue where Aim Settings were not saving correctly when accepting invites into sessions with different Aim Settings.
- Fixed an issue where a version of the Sanchez did not have all of the modding options available to it.
- Fixed an issue where players could become stuck when entering their garage if a secondary player was in their garage at the same location.
- Fixed an issue where using animations to end a phone call could block them from being used again.
- The Barber Shop and Tattoo Parlour have been added to the Quick GPS option.
- Fixed an exploit where players could teleport into locked vehicles.
- Fixed an issue where players could become stuck watching their cars drive around at the end of a Race.
- Fixed an issue where the incorrect player name could be highlighted on Leaderboards.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to receive no Cash or RP for finishing first in a Parachuting Race

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