'Pokémon Prism' Cancelled: Nintendo Shuts Down 'Crystal' Fan Game, Fans Rise Up In Koolboyman's Defense

By Belle Smith , Updated Dec 26, 2016 12:08 PM EST

Fans have been looking forward to the fan-made game "Pokémon Prism" that should help users navigate "Pokémon Crystal", hopefully waiting for its release on Christmas day. Unfortunately, "Prism" will never become available this season. Nintendo has just shut it down for good.

The cancellation of "Pokémon Prism" had mixed reactions from fans who were hoping to get their hands on the "Crystal" hack game this December. However, most were very supportive of "Prism" creator Koolboyman as well as his team.

Nintendo Shuts Down 'Pokémon Prism', Creator Koolboyman Gathers Support On Social Media

"Pokémon Prism" creator Koolboyman took to Twitter last week to make the depressing announcement, also sharing the letter that was issued by Nintendo against his website. It is revealed that in addition to halting the release of "Prism", the creator and his team must also take down all downloadable links to "Pokémon Rijon Adventures" and "Pokémon Brown".

There was no shortage of supportive tweets from "Pokémon Prism" fans, with a few urging Koolmanboy to go ahead with the game's release. However, one supporter raised a valid point by stating he doesn't want to see the creator and the rest of the team having to face Nintendo in court.

Will 'Pokémon Prism' Ever Get Released Alongside 'Pokémon Crystal'?

Unfortunately, the future doesn't look bright for "Pokémon Prism", which has been in development for several years. Nintendo has yet to comment on Koolmanboy's Twitter post or the fans' demand for a release after the shutdown (via Kotaku). Nevertheless, people are optimistic that the creator and his team will continue to help Pokémon gamers who want to expand their gameplay on "Crystal".

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