Nintendo NES Classic Edition: Gamers Have Availed Of NES Nintendo Classic Edition Last Christmas!

By Danny Smith , Updated Dec 31, 2016 02:01 AM EST

The NES Classic Edition was just released this year, and it was sold pretty fast upon its release. The mini platform had a high demand in the past few months which has made it difficult to find this holiday. However, buyers were given a chance before Christmas day.

According to Yahoo! Tech, Amazon, Gamestop, and Nintendo's New York City Store had given the buyers a chance to get the NES Classic Edition before Christmas day. That would be the last chance to buy the mini platform before Christmas day.

Amazon had announced flash sales; the Amazon's Prime Now delivery service sold the mini game console to 14 cities in the United States such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Miami, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Nashville, Orlando, Tampa, Virginia Beach, and Washington D.C.

The flash sale was only available to Amazon Prime members who were designated within the delivery zone of the 14 mentioned cities in the United States. However, the mini platform stock was probably very limited.

The GameStop retailer company also gave the NES games fans a chance to buy an NEC Classic Edition before Christmas day, and they received a limited shipment of the mini console on sale at their physical stores last December 22nd. Walmart and Target stores have also received a limited stock of the mini console.

A lot of Target stores offered a ticketing system so that buyers can get a chance to buy the NES Class Edition without waiting outside of Target stores all night. According to a report from GameSpot, Nintendo's New York City Store already started selling the NES Classic Edition on December 22 starting at 2:00 PM ET. The establishment is expecting a lot of interested buyers, and so showing up early will be necessary.

There was a wrist band given out by Nintendo at 1:00 PM ET for shoppers who bought the NES Classic Edition. Many have availed NES Nintendo Classic Edition last Christmas. Are you one of them? Share your thoughts below. Watch the video below for the NES Classic Edition preview, and subscribe for more updates!

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