‘Half-Life 3’ Latest News & Update: Valve Preppring Release Of Its VR-Packed Edition In 2018

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 27, 2016 08:31 AM EST

Valve has yet to reveal anything official for “Half-Life 3” though some uncanny events tied up to “DOTA 2” game codes. Aside from that, the fact that 2018 will be the 20th anniversary of the first-person shooter game has ramped up expectations of the third installment.

First off are the codes where “Half-Life 3” has been now tied up to. A term called “HLVR” was spotted on “DOTA 2” and most are now associating this with a potential virtual reality integration, GameSpresso reported.

For those following us here on Game and Guide, the VR angle tied up to “Half-Life 3” is nothing new. It was reportedly way back in July all because of a Valve hardware engineer, Alan Yates.

To recall, Yates revealed how there was a small AR/VR research team present and immediately tied this up to “Half-Life 3”. The thing here is that Valve has downsized its workforce so the number of people in that team may be assigned to other projects.

As far as the HLVR dish, the term has been associated with a procedure involving shattering glass panels that would force the HLVR player to speak. Other than that, HLVR has been linked to ammunition and weapons, IGN reported.

Aside from the HLVR theories, the plot for “Half-Life 3” is also expected to change. Gordon Freeman will still be around though new missions are expected to happen. Among them include some deep underwater task which will eventually lead him to Doctor Helena Mossman.

From there, the mayhem may start on “Half-Life 3” and the underwater task seems like a great fit to the VR-technology if it is indeed happening on the third installment in 2018. Much of these are rumors with Valve yet to reveal what the real score is for “Half-Life 3”. “Half-Life 2” debuted back in 2004 and a revival possibly 14 years after may sound a bit off but pretty much welcome.

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