LG Latest News & Update: G6 Hardly Improves, Carries Similar Specs Of LG G5; Phone Expected For March 2017 Release

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 27, 2016 03:36 PM EST

The LG G6 is expected to come out by March 2017, with most expecting a redesigned smartphone. The belief is that LG will be making key changes to the external make to accommodate the new changes mostly believed to be improved biometric features.

That would include the addition of fingerprint and iris scanners which would be situated on the back and front of the LG G6 respectively. The iris scanner feature is something that most are curious about, a feature that would have wowed many had the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not fallen, Phone Arena reported.

However, recently leaked renders show otherwise as they show a possibly similar design to the LG G5. The renders come from Shai Mizrachi, someone who has been credited with accurate renders in the past, Android Authority reported.

It would be wise to note that Mizrachi may have just used pieces of leaks tied up to the LG G6. Hence, the final design of the upcoming LG flagship may or may not feature all of what has come out into the open.

Seeing how the LG G5 underwhelmed, it was previously believed that the LG G6 will veer away from its predecessor. Rather than the modular design, the LG G6 is believed to be transitioning into a high-end handset that includes improved water-proofing.

Aside from the external features, the LG G6 is expected to focus on services and functions out today. That includes facilitating mobile payments and wireless charging options according to Android Headlines.

Among the reported features that the LG G6 could carry include an OLED display screen, front-facing stereo speakers, and improved wide-angled cameras. A better battery is also expected, seeing how the removable version of the LG G5 likewise proved inefficient.

The LG G6 could very well debut at the Mobile World Congress 2017. However, there is word that it may come earlier by February or March 2017.

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