'One Piece: Thousand Storm' Pre-registration Is Now Available

By Beverly V. , Updated Jan 09, 2017 08:20 PM EST

Bandai has recently released its projects of bringing another "One Piece" mobile game, with "One Piece Thousand Storm" getting released this winter. Android and iOS clients can then pre-register for the game.

Bandai Namco has declared a limitation of the game. An Apple iOS and Android game, it's an activity RPG where players trail Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates as attack crowds of approaching antagonist. You utilize touch controls to assault, guard, sidestep, and use Blasting Skills. Single-player fights, and in addition nationwide multiplayer fights, are accessible.

The 3D "One Piece" portable game is an application that is attainable for free in Google Play Store and App Store. Bandai Namco has spent a lot of effort in the game to make it original. The company is sure that "One Piece" is a superb trade apart from a splendid franchise to look forward to.

Pre-registration has opened for "One Piece: Thousand Storm". To join, visit Bandai Namco's site. select your gadget, and enroll with your email address, Twitter account, or Facebook account. Pre-registration rewards are being doled out for certain user registration levels. The 50,000 and 100,000 levels have been opened, which implies users who pre-register will get three berry cards, three Trafalgar Law medals, and ten rainbow coins at dispatch.

As indicated by Crunchyroll, additional objectives or goals will, fortunately, unfold as more users get pre-registered supplying players more chance to get extra bonus when the pre-enrolled clients' data reach those targets.

The cast of "One Piece Thousand Storm" includes the head himself Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, Roronoa Zoro, Brook, Nico Robin, Franky, Vinsmoke Sanji, Tony Chopper, and Usopp. The game introduces their journeys together with their ship, Going Merry yet later changed the name to Thousand Sunny.

"One Piece: Thousand Storm" was released on Apple iOS and Android in Japan on April 21, 2016. It will be released in other areas this winter.

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