Super Mario Run Guide: The Easiest Steps To Deleting Game Progress Without Deleting App; Sales Pulled Down Nintendo

By Ben Lindon , Updated Dec 30, 2016 07:26 AM EST

"Super Mario Run" may have been noted as falling short of levels but players may also opt to delete all in-game progress and start all over again at some point during gameplay. Note that "Super Mario Run" has a built-in progress deletion feature so as to save time from re-downloading the game. In the meantime, "Super Mario Run" may not have much to offer as several players in the gaming community noted that the game was below expectations.

Delete All "Super Mario Run" Game Progress

It should be noted that the process of downloading "Super Mario Run" requires a stable Wi-Fi connection. For players who opt to start over again, "Super Mario Run" progress data alone may be deleted so gamers may start with a clean slate. However, note that all of the coins collected in all levels as well as course records and even in-game purchase contents bought via the in-app purchase may be deleted or reconfigured with the process, iPhoneize reported.

On the other hand, note that while the in-app purchases may be reset, "Super Mario Run" players may need not re-purchase the items again. Apparently, "Super Mario Run" also has a feature to restore in-game purchases. Additionally, the process will not delete the Nintendo account but will irreversibly dissociate all game data with the Nintendo account.

To start with, Launch "Super Mario Run" from Home screen and begin the game. Then head off to Menu>OK>Read Warning>Confirm by tapping on red Delete button. The app will then be reset.

"Super Mario Run" No Longer Highest Grossing App

In other news, Nintendo's shares reportedly dropped shortly after "Super Mario Run" was launched. Apparently, the game was criticized with bad reviews and slow sales that disappointed investors. It should be noted that while the game was a free downloaded, a one-time $10 full purchase fee was necessary.

"Super Mario Run" not only disappointed gamers and drove investors away but also had a negative impact on the company's shares, Phone Arena reported. Note that while the app was polished and bug-free, the game was noted as lacking in levels or action and may also be short and repetitive. Note that there are only 24 levels in this app. Watch a Super Mario Run review here:

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