‘Death Stranding’: Norman Reedus' Evoution Character Revealed

By Lilibeth C , Updated Jan 02, 2017 11:42 PM EST

Ever since, creator Hideo Kojima has been very interested with evolution. And now that he already has his own studio, Kojima Productions he started developing a new game in themed with that belief, the "Death Stranding." In the game the players are described as the Homo Ludens, as per Kojima and Reedus in an interview.

Players of "Death Stranding" will be playing as Ludens. The game has dropped two trailers, and on its first trailer is a bit confusing leaving the audiences theories and deeper understanding of what the main character's main plot. However, its second trailer has revealed much of the character as it is a bit longer.

According to University Herald, the second trailer reveals creepy things as Norman Reedus' character has been holding a baby while their umbilical cord were still connected with each other. It seems that the baby was Reedus' evolution. The world seemed to be the end as almost everything around is already dead even the animals.

Rolling Stone also wrote that the game "Death Stranding" talks about connections where the keyword "strand" came from. Kojima has found a perfect song in themed for the game where he found at an Icelandic record store. The song is said striking in visual imagery. The song also seemed mysterious as the game.

Kojima recalls how funny people come to think of making our song backwards or playing it back and forth. With Kojima and Low Roar's collaboration they already uploaded one of the songs entitled "Easy Way Out" to music sharing and collaboration platform Splice.

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