‘Final Fantasy XV’ Drawbacks: Noctis Prince Of Lucis Sets Out To Marry Lunafreya, Unites Regions

By Lilibeth C , Updated Dec 31, 2016 03:18 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" will set out more actions than "Final Fantasy Versus 13." This newest version will focus on Noctis' journey to Altissia to marry Lunafreya but with the main purpose of uniting the regions. The game will also set its drawbacks which is detailed below.

As per AWN, Noctis journey will be exciting as he is being accompanied by three of his skilled sidekicks. Prompto has his special ability on guns and camera. Ignis is a master in daggers being a chef, while the brawler Gladiolus excels in survival skills. The team will bring excitement in their adventure as each have their own special skills to protect their king.

Noctis however, has the ability to choose up to three weapons and even commands his teammate to a more damaging tactics. Noctis' ability also includes warping as well as blocking the enemies and parrying. The team is expected to encounter the six enormous creatures that prevents the world of Eos from humans. Though they also made a covenant that says "The enemy of my enemy, is my friend."

Meanwhile, as Gamespot relayed that "Final Fantasy XV" is among Amazon's Top 15 Holiday sellers. Among the best-selling games on the site includes "Pokemon Sun and Moon" for PS4. Though Amazon did not reveal the exact numbers in any of this.

"Final Fantasy XV" is also said to have drawbacks on its combat which is the lock-on camera. Lock-on will not be able to detect new enemy automatically right after the previous enemy has been killed. This makes the players to fight numbers of enemy at once.

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