Steam Gets Back After DDoS Attack; Steam Sale On ‘Doom,’ ‘Fallout 4,’ ‘Rocket League’ More Expensive Than Others

By Henry Abragan , Updated Jan 04, 2017 10:07 AM EST

Steam was previously considered dead when a cyber terrorist group caused the Valve's service outage. Apparently, the major DDoS attack reportedly caused Steam to go down during a sale. In the meantime, Steam is reportedly trying to get back bringing along Winter Sales with them.

Phantom Squad Confirms Launching Attack On Steam

Apparently, the steam developers need not look further for the culprit of the major attack. The cyber terrorism group Phantom Squad reportedly claimed responsibility for the Steam attack. In the meantime, the group's Twitter account has already been suspended.

It should be noted that Phantom Squad also caused a short Steam outage back in November. Apparently, the group made several threats against Steam, Sony and Microsoft for the holidays. Moreover, not only have Steam players lost access even to offline games, Steam developers were also unable to access sales stats as well since Steam Works was reportedly unresponsive, PCGamesn reported.

Additionally, the Steam development portal is reportedly down as well. Just last Christmas, Steam users' bank details were also revealed for a short time. Apparently, loads of complaints have been thrown at Steam at that time. It is expected that team would be able to find a workaround in the near future.

Steam Winter Sale Is More Expensive?

In other news, the Steam Winter Sale was reportedly found a tad pricier than Winter Sale from other services. Note that the the GMG Winter Sale with the code DEALZON15 may slash prices off games more than Steam. For example, "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" costs $25. 49 with the GMG code while Steam sells the game for $29.99.

Steam also sells "Watch Dogs 2" for $60 when GMG with the code only sells the game for $44.02. Note that "Civilization VI" costs $40.49 at GMG with no code needed. "Rocket League" costs $11.99 at Steam ($10.19 GMG with code), "Doom" for $15.99 ($19.79 on Steam) with the same price for "Fallout 4", Destructoid reported.

Watch the Steam DDoS attack here:

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