AMD Ryzen Gaming Chips Outperform Intel Processors According To Initial Tests

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 04, 2017 07:29 PM EST

AMD Ryzen have brought impressive chips, outperforming the Intel hardware on some specific circumstances. However, Intel's unlocked i7 processors remain as the favorite choice for tech enthusiasts. Nevertheless, AMD Ryzen is set to change the course with the company's new AMD Ryzen chip architecture.

AMD Ryzen Is On The Right Track Based On Recent Benchmarks

In a recent test conducted by a French technology outlet named Conard PC, an early version of AMD Ryzen chips were pitted against the benchmark of Intel's i7 processors. Based on the results, the AMD Ryzen performed well in the calculation test, and was beaten only by the i7 6900k, while defeating the six-core i7 6800k.

AMD Ryzen chip is reportedly less powerful, given that it is regarded as an engineering sample only. In fact, while AMD Ryzen has claimed to have boosted clocks on its chips up to 3.6GHz, the sample chip was only limited to an increase of up to 3.3GHz.

However, the AMD Ryzen chip slightly stumbled in terms of gaming given the fact that there are vast majority of games that do not entirely use the large number of cores that the AMD Ryzen boasted. Nevertheless, many believe that it is still unlikely to predict at this point how the AMD Ryzen final product will actually perform, although the initial tests are considered to be notable for those who prefer AMD Ryzen, BGR reported.

AMD Ryzen Is Highly Anticipated At CES 2017

Reports suggest that AMD Ryzen is the most exciting CPU that is likely to appear at CES 2017, which is expected to bring the company back to its greatness. In fact, AMD Ryzen has reportedly presented the processor in public for more than twice, creating some speculations that it would soon be coming out over at CES 2017. The company is also believed to provide further more information about its chips during the said major event, according to PC World.

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