‘Lara Croft’ Writer Rhianna Pratchett Bids Farewell From Team As ‘Lara Croft GO’ Now Available via Steam

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 08, 2017 09:42 AM EST

"Lara Croft" writer Rhianna Pratchett thanked the Crystal Dynamics team and announced her departure in a series of tweets. Apparently, Pratchett has noted to move on towards new adventures. In the meantime, "Lara Croft GO" goes from Microsoft Store to Steam as the New Year arrived.

Rhianna Pratchett Helped "Lara Croft" Games Win Awards

"Lara Croft" just said goodbye to one of its best writers that helped the game win awards and nominees. Note that Pratchett is a veteran video game writer who penned the scripts for Tomb Raider as well as Rice of the tomb Raider. Pratchett also helped "Lara Croft" enter the modern era in 2013 when Crystal Dynamics rebooted the series.

The "Lara Croft" game was then nominated for Best Narrative and Game of the Year award at the 2014 Game Developers Choice Awards with Pratchett as the writer. Moreover, Rise of the Tomb Raider also won Outstanding Achievement in Video game Writing a the 2016 Writer's Guild of America Awards as well as the Outstanding Achievement in Character at the 2016 DICE Awards.

Crystal Games reportedly thanked Pratchett for all her commendable work as well. Pratchett also thanked the fans for the two "Lara Croft" games. As for now, it is yet to be revealed what Pratchett's next project will be, Ct3ch.net reported.

"Lara Croft GO" Spin-Off Comes To Steam With 20 Percent Discount

In other news, the mobile title "Lara Croft GO" was previously downloadable exclusively on the Windows Store. Apparently, users on the Window Store have been noted to be rare. On that note, the Lara "Chuckles" Croft puzzle spin-off reportedly launched on steam.

"Lara Croft" mobile title is also believed to sport a DLC that may allow players to play the single player co-op. Apparently, the "Lara Croft" Spin-off would release the Mirror of Spirits DLC on Steam as well. Note that the Steam release is also said to sell for 20 percent off for a limited time only, PC Gamer reported.

Watch the Lara Croft GO - Gameplay - E3 2015 here:


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