'Deadpool' Game Set To Rule: Ryan Reynolds' Legacy In Upbeat; Game Playable In PS4, PS3, Microsoft Windows & Xbox 360

By Elena Stevens , Updated Jan 09, 2017 05:13 AM EST

The "Deadpool" video game is an action comedy video game based on the Marvel comics "Deadpool". The game "Deadpool" was first released last June 2013 for the console Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. Then last 2015, the game was re-mastered for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Everyone knows that "Deadpool" was a sadistic antihero that always breaks the fourth wall. The game "Deadpool" features dialogue and story elements and of course, breaking the fourth wall. Because everyone knows that "Deadpool" kills a lot, the game has been tagged and rated as matured.

During the game "Deadpool," players start with swords and guns as a starting weapon. As the game progress, players will have access to giant hammers, Plasma guns and a lot more weapons. Even if "Deadpool" can regenerate any damages sustain in the comics, players should not forget to avoid attacks in order for him to recover.

Some DLC that was added on the game "Deadpool" is that it includes two extra character costumes. It even includes two bonus levels that added on the game campaign.

Some tips in playing "Deadpool" are that players should remember as the games progress, they will unlock "Deadpool" points to allow players to purchase weapons and upgrades. Players should focus early on increasing the health and increase damage of weapons. As the game progress, the harder the enemies are and with upgraded health and damage, this will help players to survive.

Players also can aim at the head with a gun to perform a headshot that can kill weak enemies quickly. This can quickly reduce some numbers of the enemies. Players should only be reminded to be aware just in case enemies already surrounded "Deadpool".

"Deadpool" is really one of the best Marvel games and after the release of the "Deadpool" film, the game has returned to store fronts. Before "Deadpool" has been removed for purchased in any console, but it was back and available for purchases after the film was released.

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