Nintendo NES Classic: Hacking The Console Could Be Dangerous

By Paige McClure , Updated Jan 09, 2017 11:41 AM EST

Just last month, Nintendo released its console containing 30 games which is already an impressive treat for the gamers as it contains some of the best games in the platform. Recent reports have claimed that the popular Nintendo NES Classic is being hacked by some modders who would want to experience complete gaming experience. The hacking will ultimately add more games automatically into the console.

According to Gamerant, modders who have hacked the console were able to play additional games of their choice. The hacking of the NES Classic would simply add games, and it does not alter the original GUI of NES. Hackers even have the freedom to customize the game art of the games added into the console.

Hackers have easy steps on how to successfully overwrite the program, which involves connecting the console to to the computer with a usb cable, and booting it in FEL mode, Kotaku reports. What hackers do is to copy the information from the NES to the computer and reprogram the NES using "hakchi". Hakchi has been developed by Madmonkey to add games into the Nintendo NES Classic.

This may be great news for players who have purchased the console since they can just follow the guidelines and can easily override the console for more gaming entertainment. However, since modding is a very new operation, there might be loopholes when hacking NES. Reports have claimed that hacking the consoles is risking the device damage.

In the same report by Gamerant, Madmonkey's hacking tools, have been found to carry a virus. In other reports, Madmonkey's Hakchi and Hakchi2 also contain virus. Modders might want to take precautions as the hacking tools may corrupt the console and leave it inoperable. Stay tuned for more Gamenguide update.

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