‘Half-Life 3’ Isn’t A First Person Shooter Game; Here’s Why

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 11, 2017 08:45 AM EST

"Half-Life 3" is unlikely to become a first person shooter like its previous title. According to reports, Valve plans to make "Half-Life 3" a Real-Time Strategy game.

Is "Half-Life 3" Being Developed As RTS Game?

The "Half-Life 3" is a much-anticipated follow up to the popular video game title of all time. Given that the game's predecessors have received expansion packs shortly after being released, the fans are reportedly growing impatient over the long wait for the first person shooter game, "Half-Life 3."

Based on latest reports, however, Valve is believed to have had a number of prototypes in concurrent development, and among these was a Real-Time Strategy game. Considering that the previous "Half-Life" game experiences have been first person shooters, which includes a main storyline that is told through the eyes of Gordon Freeman, many believe that a shift to an RTS genre would be a surprising change.

"Half-Life 3", which is said to be in development since 2004, is also expected to feature actors, although this has seemed to have been stopped during the development. Furthermore, reports also indicate that Gordon Freeman may not be seen anytime soon by the fans outside a likely film or a new fan-made content such as "Black Mesa," according to Game Rant.

"Half-Life 3" Development Is Likely To Take Longer

Rumors about "Half-Life 3" claim that the game is going to be released any time soon. However, Valve has not given any details that will support this. Nevertheless, "Half-Life 3" rumors continue to circulate, further suggesting that the game would be supported in VR.

To provide some insights, Valve's co-founder and Gabe Newell reportedly revealed important details on what the fans should expect on the rumored "Half-Life 3." According to Newell,  the company should be strategic when it comes to developing games like "Half-Life 3."

"Half-Life 3" fans, however, may still likely see the game in the future, despite latest reports suggesting that Valve has not clearly indicated any  concrete plan about the game until now. Based on interviews, Newell revealed that the only thing that would prompt Valve from going back and begin developing the classic title is if the team of developers suddenly chooses to do it for a reason, PC Games N reported.

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