'Super Mario' Fans Creates Stop Motion Animation Video Of Iconic Plumber From Rubik’s Cube

By Danny Smith , Updated Jan 09, 2017 08:22 PM EST

The iconic Mario made his very first appearance in "Super Mario" Brothers platform video game way back 1985. The famous plumber has become Nintendo's staple character and the "Super Mario" game series have been played by several generations of children and children by heart. To honor one of the gaming veterans, Nintendo fans who happen to keep a fortune of Rubik's Cube creates an amazing stop motion production of the Super Mario game.

Super Mario's stop motion video captures how two enormously talented Rubik's Cube enthusiasts as they twist and turn cubes to create pixel images of Super Mario. Game Rant says other iconic game characters such as the power up mushrooms and the monkeys stars in the film as well.

The duo patiently creates the scene for every frame. Each cube is twisted until the desired color combination is achieved simultaneously in two faces if the cube. The cubes are then placed beside each to achieve the required scene.

Twisting the cubes to achieve the correct pattern is quite challenging. The duo has to repeat the process to create every scene until all scenes required for the clip is finished. After filming one face, the duo flips the cubes to reveal another perfectly created image in the flip side.

Techno Buffalo shows the finished product where "Super Mario" made out of countless Rubik's Cube as runs along an imaginary level. Mario bumps on the similarly iconic block with a question mark and earns a mushroom that grows him. Unfortunately, he meets his longtime nemesis; the monkey hits ans shrinks the plumber.

The creative clip was in an artistic way. The duo flips the last set of Rubik's Cube to reveal a congratulation message. While the mini clip may not be it may not be able to remake the iconic game perfectly, there is no argument that the avid Super Mario fanatic behind the project are very creative indeed.

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