NES Mini Selling At Best Buy For Original Price; Third Party Sellers Drop Prices

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 10, 2017 09:06 AM EST

NES Mini console is reportedly selling again over at Best Buy, Target and most retail stores. Furthermore, the NES Mini bundle reportedly includes 30 pre-installed, ready-to-play games including "Super Mario Bros. 3." In addition, sales prices of the NES Mini have reportedly dropped since the Holiday season is over.

Best Buy Sells NES Mini Bundle For $59.99

The Best Buy site already announced that the NES Mini is completely in stock again. Note that NES Mini consoles reportedly sell fast. The Best Buy bundle reportedly includes the NES Mini Entertainment System, an HDMI cable and AC adapter along with a NES Classic controller.

The Product Features on Best Buy revealed that the NES Mini bundle would pack preinstalled 8-bit games. On that note, "Double Dragon II: The Revenge", "Pac-Man," "Bubble Bobble," "Balloon Fight," "Castlevania I and II," "Donkey Kong and Kong Jr." and "Kirby's Adventure" are included, My Nintendo News reported. The NES Mini bundle is also slated to pack "The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II", "Super Mario Bros. 1-3", "Ice Climber", "Kid Icarius", "Dr. Mario, "Excitebike", "Ghosts'N Goblins", "StarTropics", "Super C" and "Punch-Out!!" with Mr. Dream. Note that each NES Mini controller may be plugged into Wii Remote controllers to use with the NES Virtual Console games on Wii U.

NES Mini Prices Drop At eBay, Amazon And CEX

In other news, several retail stores have reportedly restocked the NES Mini as well. Nintendo, on social media is believed to continually provide stocks to retailers but with limited status only. Target in Pasadena has reportedly been spotted selling the NES Mini. However, stocks in the US and UK may be scarce.

The NES Mini may still be sold by third party retailers at price-slashed amounts. Note that the NES Mini sells for $80-$98 at eBay and $115-$141 at Amazon. CEX sellers reportedly sell the NES Mini at $115-$141, Games Radar reported. However, note that the NES Mini is originally priced at $59.99.

Watch the NES Mini gameplay here:

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