‘Overwatch’ Bastion Character Is Elon Musk’s Favorite; Genji-Mercy Receive Hate Comments

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 13, 2017 05:34 PM EST

"Overwatch" is Elon Musk's choice for video games. That said, many are wondering who would the SpaceX CEO play as in the said game.

Elon Musk Would Choose To Play As Bastion In "Overwatch"

In a recent interview of Elon Musk, among the topics that were discussed were AI and colonizing new planets, including the video games that Musk would recommend. Based on reports, the SpaceX CEO picks "Overwatch."

A lot were not surprised that Musk also prefers "Overwatch" like almost everyone. But this preference has got some wondering who would he play as in the game in his very limited time.

However, Musk reportedly hesitated to reveal his preferred futuristic cartoon hero that he would use to destroy other cartoons. Nonetheless, his non-emoji smiley has made others believe that it was Bastion of "Overwatch" that he had on his mind, according to Gizmodo.

"Overwatch" Fans Are Hating On Genji-Mercy Relationship

"Overwatch" has a new couple that is reportedly not being welcomed well by the fans, compared to the degree of fanfare that Emily and Tracer received in December. The pair of Genji and Mercy has the current spotlight, which was teased in a similar comic that announced Tracer's girlfriend. However, the Emily-Tracer pairing has reportedly become more prominent recently through the voice lines that were believed to be revealed on the public test realm.

In "Overwatch", the characters spontaneously interact with one another, and these are interactions that are said to be ignored easily. According to reports, the interaction between Genji and Mercy is one interaction that has received little attention when one of the two take damage.

However, it appears that Blizzard has been working hard on the Genji-Mercy pair recently. In fact, reports indicate of hints at the end of the "Reflections" comic where the fans get a glimpse of how the whole "Overwatch" roster celebrates the holidays, Attack of the Fanboy reported.

Watch Overwatch Gameplay trailer here:


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