Xbox One Exclusive ‘Scalebound’ Is Cancelled

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 12, 2017 08:48 AM EST

Those who have been waiting for the new XBOX exclusive title “Sclebound” will be left quite disappointed. Microsoft Studios has decided to stop the game from production and the future of the game seems quite bleak.

Forbes magazine shares that “Scalebound” the planned XBOX Exclusive, developed by Platinum Games and published by Microsoft Studios has been cancelled. According to their sources, the game has not been in the best of states. Over its three years of development, it has not managed to reach a standard which the publisher wanted it to have. A statement of Platinum Games has not yet been shared.

The game’s director Hideki Kamiya, who is best known for his work on “Devil May Cry”, had big plans for the title. The main character would end up in Draconis and be bound to a dragon named Thuban. According to Wired, “Scalebound” was a game which was going to reveal some innovative mechanics on the game market. It was planned for the game to include dragon evolution and a multiplayer feature which would allow you to summon your friends. To prove the severity of Microsoft’s decision, all the promotional materials relating to the game have been removed from Youtube.

The place of “Scalebound” will be taken by other games. Business Insider have shared a statement by Microsoft, in which they announce that even though “Scalebound” got cancelled, they are in anticipation of releasing other titles. Among them are “Halo Wars 2”, “State of Decay 2”, “Sea of Thieves” and others. For now, it is not sure whether another publisher will pick-up “Scalebound” or it will remain in history as one of the many unfinished projects.
All that fans can do now is hope for the best and try to support Platinum Games in their struggle.

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