‘Gears of War 4’ Patch Teases New Multiplayer Maps &More

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 12, 2017 08:51 AM EST

“Gear of War 4” was the hit everyone expected it to be and now it falls to Microsoft to keep the machine working and the players interested in the product for as long as possible. To achieve their goal, they have released a new update and here are the newest additions to the game.

Gamespot has announced the release of the newest “Gears of War 4” patch on January 10. The patch addresses several issues in the game and brings new content to make the gaming experience more enjoyable. Now, the players who quit Core/ Competitive matches will receive penalties which will grow more severe with each consecutive quit. This way, Microsoft hope to lower the quit rates and better the community behavior as a whole.

In case your internet connection drops you and you find yourself in an unfavorable position, you will have five minutes to join back the game. In case you manage to pull it off and finish the match without any further interference, there will be no penalty set to your account.

The Coalition have also added improvements to the spectator mode. Gamerant has announced that the changes to the spectator mode are done in addition to The Coalition’s esports initiative. Additional information has been added to the spectator’s HUD, which will make the experience much more informative, thus interesting for the spectator. Another addition is the ability to watch the action from a few different cameras at the same time. The camera angles are switched through certain keyboard/gamepad controls and are expected to give a better view of the scenery.

The official “Gears of War” forum gives additional information on the content introduced with the newly released patch. Series 2 has been released and with it come 280 new collectible cards. Those of you who wish to further extend their collection may start farming the newest collectibles, but be careful with the packs that you buy, as it is not yet sure that the cards have been added to them. Wait for an official confirmation from The Coalition before buying. “Gears of War 4” is available on PC and XBOX One.

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