'Titanfall 2' Twitter Marketing Approach Displeases Some Fans

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 13, 2017 05:42 PM EST

The official Twitter account of "Titanfall" has been reportedly spamming users about "Titanfall 2." They are apparently engaging users who have recently posted about the game itself or others who are tweeting to ask about game suggestions. It has been noticed that their tweets also target those users who mention their game.

Their tactics first caught the attention of CMA production on Reddit, Kotaku reports. They noted that the company has been proactively inserting their marketing for past few weeks. In one of the tweets, user Elias Pandy says that he received the game last holiday, but claims to be playing "Battlefield 1" and does not have time to try out the other one. Their official account then inserts a message asking if the user will check out their game soon.

Other Twitter users simply posted a message asking if "Titanfall" 2 was any good. However the official "Titanfall" account inserted another marketing attempt to encourage the user to give their game a shot. Another user claims that he had the first game on his Xbox One, he says "It was fun," but did not like its "replayability," then as expected, their account drops in and attempts to market the title all over again.

Polygon reported that the game's official Twitter account has previously figured in a fight with another popular shooter. It's release date fell in between some of the most popular FPS games own release date, which resulted in difficult situation for the game to stand out. Their recent Twitter strategy might be a unique marketing ploy, but it makes the company appear desperate.

"Titanfall 2" is considered by most reviews as a good game. But their somewhat aggressive Twitter marketing routine seems to be working against them. The sequel added some missing elements from the first title, which was a single player campaign mode. Kotaku's Heather Alexander even named it as the number one game on her Top 10 list for 2016.

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