Gravity Rush 2’ Guide: Where to Find Talismans

By Allan , Updated Jan 17, 2017 08:16 PM EST

Equipping Talismans in “Gravity Rush 2” allows Kat to have more skills and privilege in the game. A player can equip a maximum of three Talismans with each offering a different skill that will be very helpful in the game. So this article is all about helping players locate these Talismans so they can use it throughout the game.

Where to Find the Talismans

Talismans are usually acquired by finishing mining expeditions in the Gravity Storms. This can be initiated by speaking with Misai in the Banga Mining Airship and choosing the mining expedition option. Once expedition is activated, go and start defeating enemies and finding Gravity Ores. When a Talisman is found, it will appear on the screen that can be equipped, stored in the inventory or deleted. Some treasure hunts and events reward Talismans so players should always keep an eye out for these in the announcements box.

How to Equip Talismans

To equip a Talisman in “Gravity Rush 2”, players just need to open options and find the Talisman button. Then press the X button to open the menu to see all the Talisman the player has already collected. There are three kinds of Talisman where each has a unique effect on the player. There is the circular, moon-shaped and the trinity. Players then have to highlight their chosen Talisman and press X again to put it on.

There are many kinds of Talismans in the game and it includes a Power Kick, Serum, Bounce, Efficient Kick, Gem Attractor, High Mileage and much more. Since each Talisman gives a different effect on Kat, this gives the player a way to make their character unique and according to their own wants and need. This also allows the player to do mix and matches and find which Talismans really work best for them.

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