‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: Golem Event Goes Live; Training Fee Now Discounted!

By Mia P. , Updated Jan 20, 2017 10:42 PM EST

"Clash of Clans" currently has a new Golem event that will allow players to to train Golems at a slashed training costs. The new event from Supercell will also come with a multiplayer challenge to allow the players of the popular mobile strategy game to receive rewards, including free gems and XP.

The New "Clash of Clans" Golem Event Is Now Live

Based on reports, the new Golem event in "Clash of Clans" will be trained for a huge 90 percent discounted price. Also, the Golems will trained through the expensive Dark Elixir.

"Clash of Clans'" Golems will work as a damage sponge, and can be teamed up with the Wizards and P.E.K.K.A. In addition to this, the players are also reported to get a multiplayer event challenge, wherein they are required to use two Golems and must win in three matches. Doing this will guarantee the players with 30 gems and 300 XP.

Meantime, a new event called the Jump Spell Event is set to arrive in two days. While there are not much details given about the said event, reports suggest that it could increase the use of the jump spells in the inventory. Other events that Supercell has conducted include Dragons discount, Star Bonus and Hog Riders events, Neurogadget reported.

"Clash of Clans" Star Bonus Event Offered 2X Awards In Multiplayer Games

A "Clash of Clans" event that offers 2X bonus to the players is still on-going. According to reports, the 2X awards for the Treasury loot are for the winnings in the multiplayer matches. As indicated in the Dragon event that went live last week to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Supercell's "Clash of Clans," the 2X Star Bonus event is said to last until Jan. 13, according to Venture Beat.

Watch Clash of Clans - Golem Event 2017 here:


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