Walkerman, A Visual Novel RPG, Details & Demo Now Available

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 20, 2017 05:50 AM EST

Monsters are abound across the land and the player must investigate what they are. Players will also find out their weakness and gather tools and weapons to defeat them during combat. These are the goals and mechanics of the upcoming visual novel RPG "Walkerman." Some of the monsters featured in the Scalemail game are the usual vampires and werewolves.

The game encourages players to explore the world and gather clues about the monsters. They can talk to the inhabitants of the village to obtain information about their enemies. According to Siliconera, each episode of the RPG focuses on a different monster. The gameplay progresses through a series of conversations and decisions made in each episode.

The combat in "Walkerman" takes place in an isometric grid similar to some tactical RPG games. Players are presented with several options during the fight and these selections determine the outcome of the battle. Players can navigate the field during combat and their position can determine if their character is safe. The player's investigations and conversations prior to the encounter can them win or lose.

In the game's official Kickstarter page, the story apparently stars Jorgen, who is described as a 19-year-old boy from the countryside. He then chooses a career as a "Walkerman" or also called a "poucher." His profession entails hunting supernatural creatures and defeating them in combat. Most of the visual novel's events happen in a town called Midgard.

Midgard reportedly features several inhabitants that the player can interact with. Sigrid is described a girl with red hair and is apparently also a "poucher." Gregor is the protagonist's cousin, he is reportedly a loyal friend to Jorgen. Aludra is a native of Babylon who moved to Midgard with her father.

Nora is an heiress to a wealthy family invested in banking. Siedh is a secretive character who is skilled in botany, anatomy and medicine. Olaf is the captain of the town's guard and appears to be quote serious. Kaula acts as the town's bard and follows the games protagonist. The last character is Sif, who is the most senior "poucher" who apparently antagonizes the hero.

"Walkerman" is scheduled to release this May. The game is being developed by Scalemail and will reportedly span five episodes. The Visual Novel RPG will be available for the PC and Mac. A prologue episode is currently available for free on Itch.io.

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