‘No Man’s Sky: Hello Games, Sean Murray Regaining Lost Glory; New DLC Could Shift Negative Tide?

By Paige McClure , Updated Jan 20, 2017 11:39 PM EST

The gaming industry is still a force to reckon with. Great changes and DLC packs are the elemental things that every gamer is expecting and "No Man's Sky" is not exempted from it.

There are ideals that each gamer aims to achieve, but since "No Man's Sky," has been linked with much negativity, gamers from all four corners of the globe have been expecting that major changes would be implemented to eradicate the noted flaws and shortcomings of the game.

Meanwhile, it is assumed that if there are new DLC's coming about, it might lower down the negative side of the game, but that remains to be seen. Despite the negative things being linked to Sean Murray and Hello Games' legacy, some are still hoping for great things from the game.

To prove the latter, Polygon reported that this fact goes against all the marketing and buzz that the game relied on for its first batch of huge sales before the crushing disappointment hit and the universe was supposed to be huge.

Also, there were supposed to be nearly unlimited planets and aliens and things to see and do and it would be the best game ever in the history of ever, reports the same post. However, "No Man's Sky" is still a game that has gained unparelleled attention for the past year.

In a different note, Power Up Gaming relayed that the game received another update last year and according to the report, the controversial space exploration title received an extensive update in December in the form of the 1.1 Foundation Update, which added a variety of game modes - including creative and survival.

The same post mentioned that the Foundation Update was followed up with a couple of bug fixes last month, and it remains unclear as to whether or not the updated internal version of the game currently being tested is simply another minor patch or something much more substantive for "No Man's Sky."

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