'Battleborn' Getting A Huge Update'; Early Access On Beatrix; 25 Core Characters Unlocked; New Characters Added

By Febe AF , Updated Jan 23, 2017 08:32 PM EST

Gearbox Software producer is proud in revealing the massive update of "Battleborn". Last January 19 its massive update was released.

It can be remembered that the game was launched last May. It can also be said that "Overwatch" may have outperformed the said game. But despite this "Battleborn", is still offering the its update.

The said update really has something good to offer. All new improvements and features are available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There are new heroes, in-game events, more PVP maps, economy changes and all sorts of fixes and adjustments.

According to the game's official website, Battleborn, Chris Brock, Gearbox Software Producer, said that this has been the craziest update they've ever done.

Early Access For Beatrix And 25 Core Characters Unlocked

Player's can have an early access of Beatrix. She is "precise, deadly and obsessively hygienic." In fact, Gamerzunite, even said that this "character looks pretty neat and is some kind of insane, mecha-scientist."

 Its 25 Core Characters is unlocked after completing the Prologue meaning these characters are already available for everyone. This also means that a Hero Key is no longer needed to be able to use these characters.

Hero Keys that have been used for a previously unlocked character will be automatically returned. So players may now use these Hero Keys to unlock the newest characters from 26 to 29, or the 30th character on release.

Two New Training Modes

The update also has two new training modes. These are the Incursion Tutorial and Dojo.
The Incursion Tutorial allows players to engage in a competitive play in "Battleborn" by leaning its key elements and hone their PVP skills.

Also for Dojo, players may now take each hero for a test drive. But then there are still many features that we haven't covered so for the full details of the said update don't forget to check out the game's official website.

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