Resident Evil 7’ Guide Where To Find Both Handguns In the Game

By Allan , Updated Jan 25, 2017 06:42 PM EST

In “Resident Evil 7”, players can find two handguns throughout the game. If the player is very observant, he can find it early in the game which will be very helpful as he faces each of the Baker family. So this article includes a step by step guide how to find the handguns in the game.

Finding the First Handgun in “Resident Evil 7”

According Gamerant, the first handgun in the game is located in the guest house in the attic room. Players will find it by just going with the game’s story as it will eventually lead them to the attic. Players will know they are close after they retrieve the bolt cutters from the basement and have made their way to the main floor. From there, go to the hall and find the cupboard on the way to the kitchen.

The cupboard is chained but players have the bolt cutters to cut it. Inside it is a fuse that must be brought to the room with a TV and placed inside the fuse box found on the wall. Now players should head upstairs and find the button in the pillar that gives access to the attic and get the handgun with some bullets.

Finding the Second Handgun in “Resident Evil 7”

To get the second handgun in the game, VG247 shares players should find their way to reach the garage. This isn’t going to be easy because it increases the chances of an encounter with the Baker family. But if the player is careful, he can avoid meeting Jack until he reaches the garage and find the handgun. Once in the garage, players will meet a cop but will not live long enough. When he dies, he has a handgun that players can use for their own fights. However, getting the gun isn’t going to be easy because it also triggers the start of an encounter with a big boss so players have to be quick.

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