‘Pokemon Duel’ Launches For iOS, Android Devices; Gameplay Explained

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 25, 2017 11:54 PM EST

"Pokemon Duel" for iOS and Android was recently launched by the Pokemon Company. The all-new game will allow players to fight with other Pokemon players through Android and iPhone, but will have nothing to do with "Pokemon Go."

"Pokemon Duel" Is Free to Play

"Pokemon Duel" is a free-to-play  game that comes with special items and buffs that players can earn through an in-game economy system which is based on "gems" for purchases. The boosts are reportedly timed and will run for certain lengths following activation. This means that players are encouraged to play more within its activation window when they spend one.

Compared to "Pokemon Go", where the app pretends that Pokemon are actual creatures, "Pokemon Duel" characters are simply small Amiibo-looking figures.  The players are required to assemble their figures similar to a deck and then fight against other players in a strategy-heavy board game. Every team is reported to comprise of six Pokemon, with a built-in AI that tries to provide the best chance at winning by picking the right moves, BGR reported.

In "Pokemon Duel" the Pokemon Type Does Not Affect the Battles

While the "Pokemon Duel" teaches the players the techniques of the game with the Training Center, there are still some important mechanics that should be noted. Based on reports, Fletching's Acrobatics will end with a draw against Tyrogue's High Jump Kick despite the fact that Fletching in the Pokemon world is expected to have the type advantage.

Instead, the outcome in "Pokemon Duel" is decided by part Paper, Rock, Scissors mechanic, part RNG when the Pokemon go head-to-head on the battlefield. In addition, Fletching and Tyrogue will come to a Draw with these attacks given that both White attacks do 50 damage, according to IGN.

Watch Pokémon Duel - Launch Trailer here:

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