‘Kingdom Hearts’ Sora Now in ‘World of Final Fantasy’ DLC; ‘Kingdom Hearts’ 2.8 With 51 Goals

By Mia P. , Updated Jan 25, 2017 11:59 PM EST

"Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8" Final Chapter Prologue has been launched on the PS4. On the same release day, Sora was also included as a Champion in North America and Europe. That said, the fans in the two regions who have been enjoying the "World of Final Fantasy"  are expected to have a reason to visit the PlayStation Store.

Sora Of "Kingdom Hearts" Is Included in The "World of Final Fantasy" DLC

"Kingdom Hearts'" Sora has joined the "World of Final Fantasy" as the game launches its DLC that is reported to be available until March 31. The character is confirmed to be a free download that has the ability to equip the Champion medal in the menu when added to the game.

When called into battle, "Kingdom Hearts'" Sora reportedly uses his Keyblade to attack the enemies. Meantime, "World of Final Fantasy" is now available for PlayStation Vita and PS4, Siliconera reported.

"Kingdom Hearts" 2.8 Comes With 51 Objectives To Unlock Items

"Kingdom Hearts" 2.8: A Fragmentary Passage is reported to have 51 objectives in order to unlock the items for Aqua to wear. A full list of each challenge, including some guides and tips to complete the most troublesome ones have been provided recently.

The list of objectives in "Kingdom Hearts" 2.8 includes the following: Defeat 45 Flutterings that unlock Coil; Defeat 30 Shadows that unlock Figaro; Defeat 30 Neoshadows that unlock Antennae; and Defeat 40 Flame Cores that unlock Cyber Antennae. Other objectives also require the players to: Defeat 20 Earth Cores that unlock Classy; Defeat 20 Water Cores that unlock Mecha; Reach level 70 and unlock the Divine Back; Reach level 60 and unlock Royal Pauldron and; Reach level 80 and unlock Venus Tiara.

"Kingdom Hearts" players should stay tuned for more updates to continue getting more tips. Meantime, the game is now available on the PS4, according to IGN.

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