'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date: Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Thor Appearance Awaiting Confirmation; Delay Is Caused By Perfecting Features

By Mia P. , Updated Jan 26, 2017 11:44 PM EST

"Kingdom Hearts 3" release date is expected to happen anytime within the year. However, a prequel game is expected to come before Sora and the companions are unveiled.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" Release Date

No official "Kingdom Hearts 3" release date have been announced by neither Disney nor Square Enix. Fans, however, are thinking that it is logical to expect the title within the year. This is based on the announcements that "Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue" and "Final Fantasy XV" from the same company are to be released before February, IGN reported.

Following "Kingdom Hearts 2," spin-offs were released one after another, but none came close to a full "Kingdom Hearts" scope. With the most awaited release of "Kingdom Hearts 3," fans are reportedly excited to experience a number of Disney features, as well as Marvel and "Star Wars" acquisitions.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" maker Square Enix has also yet to confirm the appearance of Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Iron man, Thor, and the introduction of the world of Pixar. With all of the unconfirmed details, one thing has remained truthful; the game with be an exciting RPG integrating Disney features.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" Gameplay

The "Kingdom Hearts 3" unrevealed gameplay is said to take inspiration from a few of its spin-offs like the "Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance" and "Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep." With the delay, it has become apparent that Square Enix took most of its time in honing and expanding the new features, CNET reported.

Amongst the most anticipated is the Attraction Flow. It is a composed of super moves, which are all based on Disney theme parks' classic rides. One revealed trailer even showed the popular teacup ride. Attraction Flow, however, is not readily available because it is said to require special conditions to trigger moves.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" though will feature Sora and her new ability to wall run. This specific skill is expected to feature Goofy, Donald, and the character's reaches in terms of looking for locations or more clues for goals. Watch Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer, E3 2015 here:

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