'Overwatch' Celebrates 25 Million Registered Users

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 27, 2017 09:57 PM EST

Blizzard Entertainment's "Overwatch" has proven to be another successful endeavor for the company. The game recently marked another milestone with 25 million registered users in less than a year after its May 2016 launch. The milestone obviously does not mean that those numbers of players are online at the same time, but it indicates that many people have a copy of the hero-based shooter.

In November of last year, the publisher also announced its success with 20 million registered users that time. Given the current milestone number, it means that within roughly two months, another 5 million users were added into the system, says Game Rant. The game's official Twitter account posted the achievement with a small a message hinting at their continued support for the game.

Reports claim that the success "Overwatch" enjoys comes from their continuous support for the product. They have offered new modes and cosmetic items to keep players interested and continue playing for loot. They offered multiple limited-time events since last year, and their latest "Year of the Rooster" campaign brings one of the most requested modes into the game called "Catch the Rooster" (which is obviously a play on Capture The Flag), reports The Verge. Rumors have even hinted that the new game mode might become a permanent option once tweaks are applied.

Looking back, there were also some negative speculations around the game before its launch. It was reportedly accused of being a "Team Fortress 2" copycat. Some feedback pointed out that the developer was just trying to cash in with the hero shooter-mania. With its current success, it is understandable that all those negative criticism over the game are apparently forgotten.

Players are logged in regularly to either play in its competitive mode or to just try their luck with the loot boxes. The shooter has become so popular that it has inspired two waves of Funko Pop figures. Some rumors have also hinted at a movie in the works.

With its continued success, "Overwatch" appears to have a great future ahead of it. The game continues to promise new events, characters and gameplay balance patches in the future. It won't be a surprise if the publisher announces a next milestone soon.

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