Obtaining The Magnum In 'Resident Evil 7'

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 27, 2017 09:58 PM EST

"Resident Evil 7" brings back one of the most powerful weapons featured in the franchise. The .44 magnum reportedly makes it return in the latest survival horror game from Capcom. It is apparently one of the best weapons to use against bosses due to its overall damage potential. The firearm can be found in the Baker family yard inside the trailer.

Players can gain access to the trailer after they have completed the dog-puzzle located in the main house. Inside, gamers can find the weapon, a save point, an item box and some useful items. However, getting it is as simple as it sounds like since it is locked in a bird cage. There are also some other items inside their respective cages, which can also be unlocked using antique coins. Game Rant notes that these coins are some of the main collectibles in the game.

Gamers can find a total of 18 antique coins on normal and easy settings, while playing "Resident Evil 7" on "Madhouse" difficulty offers up to 33 coins. The magnum is reportedly the most costly among the items in cages, but players can apparently get it by ditching the steroids and stabilizer inside the other containers. Once players grab the firearm, bullets for it will randomly spawn inside the game's many crates across the Baker plantation.

Players are advises to conserve the bullets for the powerful firearm and use them only during boss battles. There are some parts in the game where it is also useful against the Molded enemies, which crowd around some of the tight areas featured in some areas. Players can also collect the bullets from the trailer, which is possible even before acquiring the firearm.

Polygon reports that players who were able to play the "Resident Evil 7" demo "Beginning hour" encountered a fairly difficult puzzle. Some gamers were able to finally solve it and got an item called a "Dirty Coin." It has been noted that this reward item can also be used like the antique coins to purchase upgrades or the magnum if enough have been collected.

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