Destiny’ Vendor Xur Location For January 27; List Of This Week’s Rare Weapons Now Available

By Allan , Updated Jan 27, 2017 10:02 PM EST

Vendor Xur’s location for January 27 and the list of rare weapons he offers is now revealed. Vendor Xur can be located in the Hall of Guardians which is near the conference table. He will be there until Sunday, January 29.

Every week, vendor Xur shows up in “Destiny: Rise of Iron” selling rare and exotic weapons for players to purchase. Players are recommended to buy the weapons they like because there is no guarantee it will be offered again the next week. All the items he offers can be bought in exchange of Strange Coins.

For January 27, vendor Xur offers useful weapons like Graviton Forfeit hunter helmet, Glasshouse titan helmet, and the Ahamkara gauntlet warlock claws according to iDigitalTimes. Graviton Forfeit and Glasshouse are impressive weapons that hunters, night stalkers and titans should consider getting because they may not have a chance to get it again in the future.

As for the exotic weapon for this week, Gamerant reports vendor Xur offers the Zhalo Supercell which is considered to be one of the few rare primary weapons with elemental damage. In addition, it is a Year 2 exotic so it can be further improved through an upgrade. It’s a perfect weapon for strikes particularly those that have turned on Arc Burn modifier.

Each weapon will cost players a specific number of Strange Coins. The Glasshouse helmet for titans costs 13 Strange Coins which is also the same amount to get Graviton Forfeit helmet for hunters and Claws of Ahamkara gauntlets for warlocks. For 23 Strange Coins, players can get the rare Zhalo Supercell auto rifle while the Legacy Boot Engram requires 29 Strange Coins to own.

There is also the Agent of the Nine, Three of Coins stack, legendary Sparrows upgrades, Heavy Ammo Synthesis, Motes of Light and Glass Needles that vendor Xur offers almost every week.

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