'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' Video Shows How To Get All Zodiac Relics

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 01, 2017 09:16 AM EST

The "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" reportedly contain hidden Zodiac Chests containing Zodiac Relics in the game. It has been revealed that these zodiac relics would enhance performance in battle with the new and secret boss. In the meantime, the final chapter prologue has also been linked to Disney films like "Peter Pan" and "Fantasia".

New "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" Video Shows Chest Locations

Recently, the YouTuber Suikan4ya rolled out with a new "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" video revealing the chest locations in the game. Note that a secret boss battle has been made available to players of "Kingdom Hearts 2.8". However, gamers may be required to claim the 12 Zodiac relics scattered around the world map, IGN reported.

Once accomplished, "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" players may head off to the mirror world to battle with the secret boss. First off, players may head straight to the town square, jump up right and find a building where four wooden boxes are located with the chest next to it containing the Aries Relic. To the left path from the town square and hook there is a ruined house and on the other side of the rubble lies the chest with the Aquarius Relic, the RPG Site reported. Other relics include the Virgo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Pisces, Leo, Libra and Gemini Relics.

Disney Spotted While Playing "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" Final Chapter Prologue

Meanwhile, Disney has reportedly made its way to the "Kingdom Hearts 2.8". It has been noted that the worlds in the final chapter prologue feature areas found in "Peter Pan" and "Fantasia". In addition, several Disney characters including Master Yen Sid and Mickey Mouse have also been noted as major facilitators of the core plot.

The "Kingdom Hearts 2.8"  characters also include Goofy and Donald apart from Sora. Note that these characters reportedly pick up on character traits from the people they meet along the way that may influence their development. In addition, Disney princesses like Jasmine, Cinderella and Snow White have also been spotted in "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" as Princesses of Heart, Polygon reported.

Watch more about the chest locations here:


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