'Resident Evil 7' Hardest Puzzle Hacked; Game Causes Motion Sickness, Players Say

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 02, 2017 11:20 PM EST

"Resident Evil 7" experts reportedly published a complete visual walkthrough guide of accomplishing the hardest puzzle in the game. It is said that the end of the feat is a personal birthday party for the player. However, reports claim that both VR and non-VR users have complained getting motion sickness playing "Resident Evil 7".

Get Ready For A Birthday Celebration

First off, grab the candle from the body behind you then head off to the kitchen towards the birthday cake. Then, return to the kitchen and go to the bathroom to flush the handle making water overflow.

"Resident Evil 7" players may then get the dirty telescope from the bowl and clean it with the spraying water, Gamespot reported. Return to the kitchen and continue to the bank of monitors hanging on the wall. Then, use the telescope to see certain figures light up which are clues to unlock the lock in the cake room which are hanging person, gravestone and fetus.

"Resident Evil 7" players may open the cabinet to get the straw doll then burn the doll in the kitchen stove to get the dummy finger back to the body where the candle was taken. Then, burn the rope on the door in the bank of monitors to enter a room filled with balloons. Then, find the smallest one. head back to the kitchen and inflate the balloon with the pipe with leaking gas until it pops to get a quill pen and give this to the body.

"Resident Evil 7" players may then get the winding key in the cake room to insert in the body which will draw a tattoo on the player which will be the combination to unlock the balloon room: Loser. Find the valve with the words here, head back to the cake room and put the valve in the pipe that needs it to shut the flow of water, then put a lighted candle on the cake and "Happy Birthday!"

Getting Motion Sickness?

In other news, "Resident Evil 7" players have reportedly been getting motion sickness playing the game. It is said that the game's small field of view as well as constant camera motion may be blamed. The brain is reportedly convinced enough by the motion in the game, Segment Next reported.

The "Resident Evil 7" problem was reportedly noted first at the E3 2016. It is said that playing the horror game makes one literally sick or a feeling of discomfort. Capcom reportedly employed a couple of counter techniques but reportedly failed. Moreover, the motion sickness reportedly gets worse when playing "Resident Evil 7" VR.

Watch the "Happy Birthday" Puzzle Guide here:


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