'Pokemon Go' New iOS, Android Versions Come With Latest Update; Sales Since Launch Record Breaking

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 01, 2017 10:01 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" has received a new software update. A number of much-awaited changes to the popular mobile gaming app are expected to come with the update.

"Pokemon Go" Update Brings New Versions For iOS and Android Platforms

The new "Pokemon Go" update brings new versions for the iOS and Android platforms, as announced by the Pokemon Go team through the mobile game's official website. That said, the trainers are expected to install the update on their devices as soon as it becomes available in their region.

"Pokemon Go" update for Android gets version 0.55.0, while the iOS version is 1.25.0. However, reports suggest that the users of both platforms should not expect for any major changes, including the new features of Gen 2 Pokemon from the Johto region. Nevertheless, the update reportedly lessens the load time on Android devices and also fixes the connectivity issues that keep the app from connecting fast and easy to the "Pokemon Go Plus" accessory.

On the other hand, the "Pokemon Go" update for the iOS version features an integrated support for wheelchair when the Apple Watch is being used. Incidentally, Niantic Labs brought "Pokemon Go" onto the high-tech timepiece of Apple last December, Yahoo reported.

"Pokemon Go" Earned $1 Billion Following Launch

"Pokemon Go" has earned $1 billion since launch, reaching a significant milestone for the mobile gaming app. In fact, reports also indicate that the figure is even more impressive given how some aspects of the game were believed to be mismanaged.

However, the future of "Pokemon Go" remains a little gloomy, although it was able to make $950 million in revenue by the end of 2016, which seems to suggest a deceleration effect. According to reports, the game has been slipping in the charts while the earning is said to be way off the lofty heights, Forbes reported,

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