NBA Live Release Pushed To Fall 2017; New UFC Game On The Making

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 01, 2017 10:21 AM EST

NBA Live will not be released until fall of 2017. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson announces release date push back today while discussing the upcoming EA Sports lineup. The news came along with the confirmation that EA is preparing a new entry in its UFC franchise, initially set for release in 2018.

Earlier this month, the Korean ratings board featured a listing for a game called The Drive to NBA Live. Many assumed that the list ultimately indicate that NBA Live is definitely coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year. Following the announcement of EA's CEO, it now appears that the game giant has canceled the initial title and ultimately delayed the release of the next NBA Live to fall, and the publisher is leaning towards releasing the game under the " NBA Live 18" title.

The NBA Live series is up to face tough competitions. 2K Sports' NBA 2K franchise remains to be one of the constant best sellers, even becoming one of the most critically acclaimed sports games there is says Polygon.

Wilson says that the NBA Live Series is a journey with a troubled development history. EA Games is committed to deliver games that are truly innovative. Wilson reveals that EA higher-ups got the chance to try the latest installment, and in all honesty, they believe that the game is really good.

Wilson reveals that the push back was a result of EA's decision to double down and add more to the game. EA wishes to ensure that upon its launch later this year, NBA Live will be in its full beat later this year. The company is looking forward to a better success for NBA Live game that is strategically set for launching shortly before the NBA season begins.

In addition to the expected annual title NHL 18, Just Push Start says EA is set to release a new entry in its UFC franchise sometime in 2018.

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