‘John Wick Chronicles’ Release Date Announced; Movie-inspired Game Arrives In Time For Motion Picture Sequel

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 02, 2017 10:42 PM EST

Lionsgate and Starbreeze Studios announced the release of "John Wick Chronicles", the virtual reality game inspired by the John Wick film franchise. The game will be exclusively on Steam for the HTC Vive is scheduled for launching on February 9, one day before the movie "John Wick: Chapter 2" hits the big screen.

"John Wick Chronicles" is set to occur during the time between the two films. Polygon says that the movie-inspired game allows players to step into the shoes of the titular assassin played by Keanu Reeves in the movie counterpart. The game is a product of the joint efforts of Starbreeze, Grab Games, Big Red Button and Gamecostudios.

According to Movie Web, Lance Reddick's voice is features in the game as Charon, the concierge at the Continental Hotel who guides players through the game. Reports claim that Reeves himself recorded voice-overs for " John Wick Chronicles" too but there has been no official confirmation yet.

During a brief demo at New York Comic Con last October, gamers certified that the intensity of the new game makes for a heart pounding and nerve wracking exercise. The experience is further enhanced with Virtual reality too.

Gamers who played in virtual reality recounts their demo experience of the game. When asked, their only tip to future players was that a crate of weapons respawning infinitely, including a submachine gun and a sniper rifle could help.

By the end of the demo, the gamers were already sweating and short of breath. The game will test the gamer's physical strength and the best way to find if gamers can take on the challenge is by trying the game themselves.

"John Wick Chronicles" is available for pre-order on Steam with a $19.99 price tag. Pre-order customers will also enjoy a copy of Payday 2 for free.

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