PS4 Update 4.5 Boost Mode, Improves Game Performance; Update Not Important On PS4 Pro?

By Paige McClure , Updated Feb 07, 2017 05:09 PM EST

Sony has recently rolled out an update the 4.5 update for the PS4 and has been distributed to beta testers. The update which features the Boost Mode is said to improve the performance of the console.

The Boost Mode upgrades PS4 consoles to give players a better gaming experience, and enable games to run better. This successful result was confirmed by the beta testers who took the upgrade into their consoles. Furthermore, Boost Mode allows games to run 60 frames per second instead of the regular 30.

Another positive result of the Boost Mode update is that the console will run at a higher GPU and CPU clock speed, including shortening the games' load times. Players who are not satisfied with games running at 30fps will certainly be happy running their games at 60fps.

With the successful feedback from the beta testers, PS4 users will be definitely welcome the update if it will help older games to run smoothly on the console, according to Game Rant. Players have now an option to improve the quality of their game playing through the update.

EuroGamer reports that the successful result of the 4.5 Boost Mode update is also available for the PS4 Pro. However, for the PS4 Pro users, the Boost Mode update is not very noticeable. What is important for PS4 PRO features are the 4K and HDR capabilities of the console.

PS4 users who are hoping for an improvement on their console will certainly take the advantage of downloading update 4.5. The Boost Mode will surely help regular PS4s to run games with less hassle.

There is no exact release date for the update as of this moment, but this has already been tested by the Beta users. However, Sony has announced that there more features to be added. Stay tuned for more Gamenguide update.

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