‘Battlefield 1’ Launching Test Server On PC

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Feb 05, 2017 09:45 PM EST

“Battlefield 1” is one of EA’s more successful games and as such receives constant updates and expansions. Those who want to try the newest content as early as before release or even approval can now do it.

Game Spot has announced that “Battlefield 1” will receive its public testing servers. For now, these servers will only be available to the PC, but DICE plan on delivering the experience to all possible platforms. On the public test servers, player will be able to try out new content and ideas, which will or will not make their way to the official release of the game. If you are an owner of a “Battlefield 1” premium pass you will be given access to the servers. Chosen players will receive redeemable keys which will grant them access to the platform.

PC Games Network also share that if you want to show your interest towards joining the testing servers, you can do it through the companion app of “Battlefield 1” which is available on iOS and Android devices.
The establishment of testing realms is not an unprecedented move, as series of online games have such. Among them are big successful titles as “LoL” and “Overwatch”.

PC Gamer shares some more cheerful news. The newest mode has been released to “Battlefield 1” and it is somewhat hilarious, but still intense. “War Pigeons” is the newly introduced mode, which places two opposing teams in a chase of a pigeon. One who catches it has to be protected by his teammates, as a message is attached to the bird and it is set on it path to greatness. Even though intriguing, this mode has managed to create a series of jokes. One of them about the next DLC expansion which will have seagulls stealing sausages from the Germans, or that in a winter version, soldiers will throw pigeons instead of snowballs at each other. “Battlefield 1” is available on PC, PS 4 and XBOX One.

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