'Deformers' Will Not Be Giving A Valentines Gift For Players; Game's Release Extended

By Febe AF , Updated Feb 07, 2017 04:41 PM EST

Valentine's Day is the date set for the launching of "Deformers" and because of this many players are constantly waiting for the game's release. However, it was announced in a recent report that the game will be delayed.

The game is a physics-based arena brawler. The goal is to "to out-battle, out-eat, and out-score" a player's opponent. It is developed by Ready at Dawn, based in Irvine California and is composed of former members of Blizzard Entertainment and Naughty Dog.

It is also worth to note that the game will be published by GameStop. It will be part of the latter's GameTrust publishing program.

Moreover, it was in a post on a Deformers' website which confirmed the short delay of the game's planned release. The team on the same post thanked its alpha and technical testers for hammering their updated network infrastructure and for testing "Deformers'" new features like game modes and online matchmaking.

Because of the data gathered from the tests Ready at Dawn and the team made a tough call on shortly delaying the game's launch date on February 14. The main reason is to deal accordingly with the feedback. That is to allow the team to spend more time in addressing such feedback and "to deliver the best gameplay experience possible."

The extra time will also give the team more opportunities to gather additional feedbacks and invite more players to try the game, PC GamesN added. Despite "Deformers'" delay on its release date, many players are still hoping to be as short as possible.

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