'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Marks First Global Mission Completion

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 06, 2017 05:45 PM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" players have previously failed to complete the first ever global mission, which required them to capture 100 million Pokemon for a set period of time. After their first failure, gamers reportedly attempted another shot during the second event, which apparently required a smaller one million catches. Unfortunately, the second attempt ended up like the first. However, It appears to be "third time's a charm" as the third global mission resulted in success.

Prior to the victory, speculations were already claiming that the third global event is ending in another failure. It appears that the community was committed to meet mission parameters this time around. The worldwide mission required players to trade over one million Pokemon within a 14 day period through the "Global Trade System" (GTS) feature of the monster-catching RPG. Game Rant reports that the players also completed the goal within four days only.

Players have already reached the goal, but it appears they are still after the third global mission's bonus targets. The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" community are aiming to surpass the two million milestone goal before the Feb. 14, 2017 deadline. The reward would be a Friend Ball, which is a special kind of Pokeball, which apparently boosts the happiness of the Pokemon caught using the item, says Video Games Republic.

While most fans of the game are celebrating their victory this time around, there are still other players analyzing why the past missions failed. Reports have speculated that the game's Global Link function is to blame. Gamers have noted that the feature was required during the first two events but apparently suffered from connectivity and function problems. Other problems claim the registration process blocked some user from their Pokemon Trainer accounts.

While the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" third global mission ended up a success, there were reportedly close to 6,000 player accounts banned due to speculated hacking exploits. The developer has announced its commitment to update the game's restrictions to prevent future save data alterations. Sources are reportedly hoping that the recent achievement is a good sign for the Pokemon players community.

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